Tonsil Stones

About tonsil stones

A lot of people don’t have any idea about what tonsil stones really are before they have been diagnosed with it. In fact, not many know what the function of tonsils is and many go about removing their tonsils. The truth is that the tonsils are a very vital part of the human body and as such, removing it by surgery may actually be fatal! So knowing about what actually causes tonsil stones is extremely important if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with it.

Causes of tonsil stones

There may be various causes for tonsil stones to be formed. Post nasal drips, allergies and stress are the most common ones. Other than these, sinus infections, auto immune disorders, refined foods, bacterial and viral infections, alcohol, various toxic materials from the environment, etc. are also common enough causes.

Are tonsil stones dangerous?

The function of tonsils is to stop airborne bacteria and virus to get free passage through the throat into the human body. They are an important part of the body as they are responsible for preventing a wide variety of infections and illnesses. The problem occurs when tonsils don’t behave in exactly the same way as they are supposed to. And that is when a lot of people decide to go in for surgery to remove the tonsil. But the truth is that, the problem that the tonsil stone is causing can be effectively removed in other ways as well, and without undergoing surgery. Would one remove the liver just because it was causing simple problems? No, they would not. They would try and address the liver condition in another way. So to say that tonsil stones are dangerous would not be right. The truth is that they can be taken care of easily without getting rid of altogether.

Are you at risk of getting tonsil stones?

If you are someone who frequently suffers from inflamed tonsils or is prone to get tonsilitis, you are at risk of getting tonsil stones as well. When dead cells or mucous starts getting caught up in the tonsils, they form a small mass of white material. With time, this mass may harden and form ‘stones’. Usually these ‘stones’ are very small in size and insignificant but in rare cases, they may be found to be bigger in size. Smaller stones don’t cause any trouble at all and are in fact mostly invisible to the naked eye. It is only when the stones become much larger do problems occur.

Home remedies for tonsil stones

There are home remedies for tonsil stones which are natural and effective. Here are a few:

 Gargling with lukewarm water which has been treated with mouth wash or salt.
 If the tonsil is something you can touch, trying to press a cotton swab or finger and pushing it upward in a bid to remove the stone will help.
 Using the tongue cleanser to cleanse the tongue after each meal will also help.
 Prevent dryness of the mouth by drinking lots of water and fluids.
 Removal of any surfaced tonsilloliths is possible by regularly brushing the teeth.
 Always try and maintain good oral hygiene.
 Saliva production is promoted by chewing on sugar free gums. It prevents bad breath.
Surgical treatment for tonsil stones

Surgical treatment for tonsil stones puts the patient at a bit more risk than natural home remedies. Some surgical methods involve removing the stones and some the whole tonsil itself. These surgeries have to be done under local anesthetic and may thus take a long recovery time.

The truth is that tonsils are an important part of the body and hence once they are gone, people are more prone to infections and illnesses. Whatever you decide to do, you should not let your tonsil stones remain untreated because as the days go by, so will the irritation!

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